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Roll Up And Go: Benefits Of Roll Up Display Stands

Roll Up And Go: Benefits Of Roll Up Display Stands

Roll Up And Go: Benefits Of Roll Up Display Stands

Roll up display stands can be called numerous names such as roll-up banners, pull up stands and pop up banner stands. Nonetheless, they can have a big impact on your marketing needs if used efficiently. They are a great tool for giving customers a brief snippet into a product or service that your business is offering.

Roll up display stands can be used to market your products and services at exhibitions, conferences, sporting events and instore. They are a very cost-effective promotional tool.

Paying for a space at a conference, exhibition or trade show can be rather expensive but the benefits can be great if your exhibition space stands out with an eye-catching design. Roll up display stands can work really well instore to promote a new product or service. We have put together 5 benefits of using roll-up display stands.

Easy to assemble

Roll up display stands are very easy to assemble. Using a retractable system, you pull your banner from the base and attach a telescopic pole into place. The flat base and pole help provide a sturdy, no swing support to the roll-up.


Roll up display stands are also very durable. The printed vinyl used to print on is very strong and designed to last. The base of a roll-up display stand is also very robust giving extra support to the entire stand. With the frame being made from aluminium makes it light to transport but strong and sturdy when on display.

Simple to store:

Roll up display stands are easy to store away and don’t take up huge amounts of space in your office or workplace. The display itself will fold into the base and telescopic pole used to support the banner folds away easily.

Easy to transport:

Roll up display stands are compact and light which makes them ideal for transporting them. If you are using the stand regularly at different events then making sure they are easy to transport is highly important. We supply a carry bag with all roll up display stands to make your life a little easier carrying them from event to event.

Little area needed:

Be it your store or an exhibition show, space is money and you won’t want a roll-up display stand that takes up huge amounts of floor space. Floor space should be utilised to increase sales of your product or service with display stands, flyers, brochures, and any other marketing collateral to assist the sales campaign. Roll up display stands are narrow and high thus giving you a great visual presence without taking up large amounts of floor space.

Long life span:

The last benefit of roll up display stands is their long life span. A roll-up display stand can be used over and over again. Once you get the messaging right without including things such as dates and times on it you can use the display, again and again, getting great value for money. It is worth investing in a generic roll up display with your branding, website, contact information, etc. Visit our roll up banner page to see all the options we have available.


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