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Creating A Window Of Opportunity

Creating A Window Of Opportunity

Creating A Window Of Opportunity

When it comes to promoting your business and your brand every window is an opportunity to impress. With top quality technology and material available today it makes it easier than ever to make your mark with window graphics. From increasing brand awareness, to building curiosity and creating a consistent store identity, window graphics are a versatile, cost effective option for businesses. We have put together 6 advantages of using window graphics to enhance your business.

Increase Brand Awareness

Marketing isn’t always about driving a direct sale. In a lot of cases, the aim is too simply to get your name out there. Placing a colourful window graphic on an otherwise plain window that has your companies name, logo and other aspects of your brand is a brilliant way to getting your brand name out there. Anyone who passes your business be it on foot or driving day after day, will see your window graphic over and over again which can strengthen brand awareness. Whatever business or organisation you are it is imperative to get your brand out there. This can be achieved through an attention-grabbing window graphic.

Help Customers Find You

The most traditional way for stores to get seen by consumers is to have a fascia sign located above the door or windows. For many this may seem enough. But there is two reasons that window graphics can give you an advantage when it comes to showing people the physical location of your business.

Firstly is that a sign above the door may be visible from afar, however people walking down the footpath or across the car park directly in front of you may not be able to see it. To catch the attention of people walking by your building, you need to have some signage at eye level. Window graphics are a great way to let a passer-by know where your business is located.

Secondly a window graphic gives you more scope to be creative as opposed to a fascia sign. A fascia sign would only generally include your name above the door and logo. Whereas with a window graphic can include a lot more text and imagery to communicate what you do to entice consumers in store or return at a later date.

Informing Your Customers

The brilliant thing about window graphics is that they can be used for numerous types of communication. As well as branding and decoration, you can use window graphics to inform customers about the products you sell, the services you provide, your opening times, website and email addresses and your phone number. These can be used to attract people instore or to get in touch via another channel if the store itself is closed.

You can also use graphics for simpler things like showing the entrance and exit to the store and also from preventing people walking into a clear pane of glass. 

Blend Into Your Digital Marketing

Another big advantage of a window display is that it complements any digital marketing campaigns you have running. At a basic level you can merely include your web address and any social media handles on your shop front to encourage people to check them out.

On a more advanced level you can create a hashtag on your window graphic to entice people to post about being at your business. It’s a brilliant way to get more exposure online with minimal costs.

Reduce Your Advertising Budget

If you want to place an advertisement somewhere else not only will you need to pay for the ad, you’ll have to pay someone to display it for you too. So instead of placing ads on bill boards, bus stops etc you can save money by putting them on your own premises instead. The added advantage of this is that when people are attracted to it they don’t have very far to go find you.

Create Privacy

Not only can window graphics work wonders to attract and inform the public but can also be used to provide privacy for employees and customers in store. In an office setting for example, staff may want natural light hitting them from the outside with a certain element of privacy. It might not just be the employees who want the privacy either. Customers may also want a degree of privacy too such as working out in a gym, eating in a restaurant, socialising in a bar or at a swimming pool at a hotel.

With so many benefits, window graphics are an excellent way of enhancing the face of your business. It doesn’t matter what type or size of window graphic you’re interested in, we at Pat Dennehy Signs can meet your needs and expectations with over 30 years of expertise. We cater for customers throughout all of Ireland. Contact us today for more information. 


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