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Deck The Walls

Deck The Walls

Deck The Walls

Wall graphics create endless opportunities to help bring any space or environment to life. With countless options available, custom wall graphics positively increase the look and feel of office spaces, improve marketing and promotions for retail stores, and add character to restaurants, offices and entertainment facilities. 

5 Benefits to Wall Graphics

Can help Reinforce Your Brand

A big reason to use wall graphics is that they can reinforce your brand. No doubt your business has put a lot of time in getting your branding right. It incorporates your company’s logo, what you do and what you stand for. You want to make sure employees and customers alike are familiar with what you do and what you stand for.

Undoubtedly colour is a huge factor in this. A study undertaken by the University of Loyola found that colour can increase people’s brand recognition by up to 80 per cent. Our graphic design team will guide you through the colour scheme options and advise on the best options for you.

Your standard wallpaper or paint with some wall hangings won’t have the same effect in reinforcing your brand as wall graphics would. You can use the wall graphics to feature your company’s logo or slogan or it may be a new product or service you want to inform people about. Whatever it is we are here to help you choose the right option to the benefit of your business. 

Increase Employee Engagement 

A study undertaken by Capital One found that 86% of millennials stated that “companies cannot encourage innovation unless their workplace and environment is innovative”. The study also found that Millennials put high importance on artwork and creative imagery. This research has garnered a great deal of attention when it comes to increasing creativity and engagement in the workplace, and wall graphics are very much a great way to increase employee engagement. 

Boost Customer Interaction 

Undoubtedly the way customers interact with a business depends on the type of industry. A retail clothing company, for example, would be looking for a different type of interaction than a government body. Fortunately, wall graphics give you endless possibilities to be creative. Our design team here at PD Signs can work closely with you to design attention-grabbing graphics and can fit at any of your locations throughout Ireland. This will keep customers engaged and interested in your products. 

Wall Graphics Are Very Adaptable

Wall graphics can be used to spruce up an otherwise plain and lacklustre interior space. We offer a wide array of size options and designs that make them very adaptable to any interior space. They are very cost-effective and easy to install. They are a great option to painting walls as painting can be difficult and time-consuming whereas a wall graphic can be fitted in a couple of hours. An otherwise plain wall becomes instantly recognisable and a focal point in any interior space.

Increasing sales 

Wall graphics can help your business increase sales directly. Displaying new products, special offers, services or prizes are popular ways to attract custom directly. Call to Actions are also very popular where you can include contact details such as phone numbers, website and social media profiles. Often companies use QR codes that send people straight to their offers. This is a very effective strategy that works.

With all these benefits, they may come a time when wall graphics would be an excellent choice for your business. However, when choosing and installing wall graphics you’ll want to ensure you get the best service available. To ensure this, make sure you choose PD Signs who have a proven experience in designing and installing wall graphics across Ireland. Our expert team have all the knowledge and experience you need to make your project successful. Contact us today on +353 21 4311607 to find out more.



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