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Event Signage Ideas & Checklist For Event Managers & Planners

Event Signage Ideas & Checklist For Event Managers & Planners

Event Signage Ideas & Checklist For Event Managers & Planners

Events can be stressful, your signage doesn’t have to be.
We appreciate that time is money for our customers and sometimes the thought of organising signs can seem ...well …time-consuming. So……….we’ve put together a quick reference checklist to help speed things up for you – be it outdoor event signage or indoor that you require.

1. Directional Road Signs:The positioning of accurate signage prior to your event is essential not only for directing people to your event, but also for safely moving large volumes of people, with minimal interference to the flow of local and passing traffic. Must haves are:

  • Temporary Road Signs For Events
  • Event Parking Signs & Exits 



2. Wayfinding Signs: After your site map is confirmed, walk through the visitor experience from an attendee perspective. How easy is it to find your gate of entry, restrooms, accessibility etc? Signage that is perceived as helpful to a customer at a venue contributes positively to their experience. Consider the following:

  • Entry Signs  - especially if there are several entrances
  • Welcome Signs – for admission ticket booths
  • Toilet Signs – for different restrooms
  • Disabled Signs – for mobility impaired facilities 
  • Emergency Signs – for lost children, first aid, emergency exits  etc
  • Recycling Signs – for bins and composting/recycling facilities 
  • Exit Signs – thanking visitors for attending


3. Outdoor Advertising Signs: A key factor that will determine the success of any event is awareness and word of mouth. Pre-event, clever outdoor advertising will help to generate awareness and drive your ticket sales. There are a range of outdoor advertising types to choose from: 

  • Large Format Banners – Mesh or PVC (Thing BIG for maximum impact)
  • Temporary Corriboard Advertising Signs
  • Posters


4. Promotional Signage On-site: If you’re an event manager, you need to plan for eye-catching, well positioned signage on site at your event that promote both your own brand and your sponsors. Depending on whether your requirements are for an indoor or outdoor event, here are some ideas: 

  • Pitchside Advertising Signs (if relevant to venue)
  • Banner Stands – Roll Ups, Pop Ups
  • Flag Banners
  • Hanging Banners 


5. Creative Event Signage Ideas: With so much going on at events, advertising can easily go unnoticed. So, our advice to make your branding stand out from the sidelines is ……….think unconventional touchpoints to cut through the advertising clutter – the floor, steps, walls, restrooms, even tickets! To help bring your vision to life, choose signage materials that help you produce bespoke branded pieces. 

  • Floor Graphics
  • Life Size Cut Outs
  • Wall Graphics 
  • Custom Laser Engraved VIP Passes & Tickets


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