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Light up your business with LED Light boxes

Light up your business with LED Light boxes

Light up your business with LED Light boxes

Here at Pat Dennehy Signs, we are always looking to offer new products and services to our customers. This is why we have decided to add lightboxes too our portfolio of products. LED Lightboxes are considered one of the most effective ways of advertising available today. Lightboxes bring graphics to life, and are a very effective marketing tool for product and brand awareness. We have put together some of the benefits of LED Lightboxes.


Not only are Lightboxes easy to change, but they are also very customisable which helps your Lightbox advertisements stand out against other comparable displays. There is a huge array of Lightboxes to choose from. Be it wall-mounted or freestanding displays, for indoors or outdoors. 

Lower Carbon Footprint

LED Lightboxes are a brilliant display option for retailers. They are environmentally friendly as well as cost-effective. The fabrics are recyclable and even though they require electricity, the LED technology ensures low energy costs and less of an environmental impact. Although the lights use less energy, fear not as the visibility of your ad will not be lost.

Visible 24/7

If your signage is not lit you may be missing out on potential customers visiting your premises because of a lack of visibility. Even if your premises is closed an LED Lightbox inside your window will still give you brand exposure 24/7. The more exposure you get, the more opportunities you will have to attract new customers and of course, help you stand out amongst your competitors. 

Greater Durability 

LED lighting has a much greater life span in comparison to fluorescent lighting. An LED Lightbox gives 35,000 to 50,000 hours of use in comparison to fluorescent lighting which has an estimated life span of 10,000 to 15,000 hours. Therefore LED Lightboxes need very little maintenance and without the need to be buying expensive bulbs regularly.  

Lightboxes are an effective marketing tool, which can be used in retail stores, outdoor advertising, trade shows, window displays, expos and much more. At PD Signs we offer a broad range of Lightbox solutions, which can be customised to suit your branding needs. Check out our options such as wall frame Lightboxes, hanging Lightboxes or free-standing lightboxes


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