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1986 - Electronic Signmaking Machine

One day, by chance, when collecting adhesive vinyl for making number plates from a supplier in Dublin I noticed a little machine make a tip-tapping noise on display. Out of curiosity I enquired from a salesperson and he told me it was a sign-making machine which would be of no interest to me. It was a small sign-making machine recently launched by an American company Gerber Scientific, and I was fascinated by its simple operation. It could cut pre-spaced wording in (limited) choice of typefaces at any angle and in any size up to 12” high - automatically from sprocket-fed roll of self-adhesive vinyl.  Also, it meant the appalling slowness of manual die-cutting and spacing would be eliminated. Unfortunately, this tiny machine cost a small fortune for that time, 15,000 pounds plus tax. Foolishly, on impulse, I bought it immediately on lease purchase! 

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