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2015 - Software Investment To Stay Top Of Our Game

We have been using computers in the making of signs for twenty-five years and they have become so much more powerful, faster and cheaper in that time. We can purchase PC’s now for a fraction of the price they were 25 years ago. On the other hand, the software programs running computers and machines have become much more sophisticated....and much more expensive. Up to now, the continuous updating of software has been important mainly for computer networking and running of machines while a basic website has served us reasonably well during the last ten years. However, this is no longer sufficient in today’s competitive marketplace, even for a small business such as ours. We have now made a substantial investment, both in time and money, in new data information systems while at the same time building a complete new customer focused website. While this has taken a lot more time to implement than we had envisaged I have no doubt that it will bring further improvement to customer service in the long run and that, at the end of the day, is what our business is all about.

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