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2011 - New UV Printer

While the two Colorspan UV printers we had purchased five years previously served us well during that time they were now becoming outdated and also costing us money in downtime and repairs. Since buying our first electronic sign machine 25 years previous to this I have always been amazed by the relentless innovation that has taken place in our industry. Machines become obsolete and pushed aside by new improved technology within a very short number of years. There had been huge growth globally in the UV print market and new machines were being launched every month not only in Europe and the US but in Asia also. On the one hand, this was good news as fierce competition was reducing the price of print machines but on the other hand it was making it extremely difficult to choose a printer that was both suitable for our needs and well supported. A lot of new problematic machines, both high end and low end, can disappear off the market soon after they are launched and buying the wrong machine can be a very expensive mistake indeed. After patient research of many new UV printers over a two year period we finally decided to buy a U.S. Hewlett-Packard printer which turned out to be a good buy and has been of great assistance to the business during the last four years. It meant we could dispose of the two old UV printers because the new one could output faster than the two of them together while also producing much higher quality print and better ink adhesion.

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