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2017 - Thank You

The end of 2017 marked a significant investment in a range of state of the art printers and finishing equipment which has helped more than double our output. We have now replaced the ‘old’ HP UV printer which served us so well during the last five years and invested in a new state-of-the-art wide format direct to substrate UV printer. Our biggest investment by far to-date, this workhorse will double the speed of production and greatly increase sign print quality at the same time. Also, we have added a new dedicated roll-to-roll grand format printer for speedy production of banners, vinyls, posters and fabric to any size along with two other wide format printers for superior high quality printing. We have also added 2 x large laminating tables to help keep up with our printers!

I wish to thank sincerely all of our loyal customers throughout Ireland without whom it would never have been possible to make these continuous investments in new technology over the last 30 years. Also, even during economic recessions (and crashes!), I can honestly say that customer bad debts have never been a major problem for us in all those years. Especially, I am grateful for the wonderful young men and women we were so lucky to employ and who have worked so hard to keep those customers coming back year after year. While it is still a small business, it is a successful small business mostly thanks to them as well as all our customers.

My son Patrick has taken over the running of the business and I wish him every success in whatever direction he decides to take it now. If he has half as much of the bumpy roller-coaster ride I had in this job he will be a lucky man!


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