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First Aid Signs

First Aid Safety Signs

Our range of first aid signs are designed to EN7010 standards and are designed to be easily understood by employees, visitors and members of the public. First aid signs have the potential to save lives by clearly indicating where vital medical equipment can be found or where medical attention can be got.

Why are first aid signs important?

Accidents can happen at any time, in any place. A first aid safety sign could make a massive difference in the event of an employee, a visitor or a member of the public getting injured in a workplace or public facility. When urgent action is required, clear signage paves the way for urgent intervention, eliminating confusion and enabling employees and visitors to find trained first aiders, locate first aid equipment and find designated first aid points.

Irish employers by law have to take measures to protect members of staff and the public and ensuring swift access to first aid treatment is essential in the event of an accident or injury. Displaying signs can help members of the public and employees navigate their way to a first aid room and to access equipment to treat the injured person.

As well as pointing out the way to a first aid station, first aid signs are also vital for informing people about qualified first aiders in the building and the location of emergency medical equipment, including first aid kits, emergency showers and defibrillators.

Our range of first aid signs

We stock a various range of first aid notices to cater to all types of companies and organisations such as schools, universities, hotels, office spaces to name but a few. Our selection of signage includes everything from first aid kits, spill kits, personal protective equipment, breathing apparatus, emergency door releases etc.

Where to display first aid signs?

The location of your first aid signs depends on the layout of your business. Signs used to point out first aid posts, first aid boxes, emergency equipment and trained first aiders should be near the position of individuals or equipment. Individuals should be able to see a sign and know exactly where they need to go. We recommend exhibiting signs in areas that are clearly visible and choosing signage that is suited to the environment.

Which first aid signs do I need?

Businesses are required to display appropriate signage in line with guidelines from the *Health & Safety Authority of Ireland. If you have any queries relating to the signs that you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team on or +353 21 4311607.


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